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What is an AC maintenance?

AC maintenance is just a fancy term for a routine cleaning and inspection. Just like your vehicle needs an oil change and tune-up to keep it running at maximum efficiency, so does your AC system. Over time, dirt and grime builds up on the components of your system and forces them to work harder than they need to. When your AC is working harder than necessary to cool, it causes the parts to wear out at a quicker rate. Not only does this mean you will need to fix or replace your system sooner than expected, it also raises your energy bill due to the overuse. If you keep your AC properly maintained, it will ensure your system is operating correctly and cut down on the wear and tear. Here is a little break down of what you can expect during a routine maintenance.

The technician will open the unit and remove any large debris (leaves, pine straw, grass) from inside the cabinet. He will then vacuum any remaining dirt. Once all the loose debris is removed, he can start the finer details of the maintenance. Your technician will check all the electrical connections to be sure they are still firmly connected. He will measure your refrigerant levels and test for any freon leaks in your coils and tubing. The blower component will be adjusted and cleaned as necessary. Your technician will clean your condenser coil. This is very important, especially if you have animals, because hair and dirt gets trapped and cause your system to lose airflow. Basically, it will cause your system to suffocate. Your condensate drain pan and line needs to be checked to be sure that nothing is clogged. If anything is clogged, it can cause an overflow and damage your home. Your technician will check for any clogs and clear the lines if necessary. Next, he will check your filters for you. You should change your filters at least once every ninety days, depending on your filter type. If you have pets or someone with allergies living in your home, you may need to change your filters monthly. Lastly, he will check to be sure your thermostat is calibrated correctly and do a general test on the unit, to be sure everything is operating correctly after your maintenance.

Once your technician finishes the maintenance, he will make sure everything is put back together and the area is nice and neat. If he has any concerns or finds that a part needs to be replaced, he will then discuss this with you. This process usually takes one to two hours depending on the system.

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