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Copy of Spring Checklist for your HVAC system.

You have probably already started your spring cleaning, but have you thought about your AC unit? Like our cars, our AC requires maintenance and TLC to get the most life out of it. Here are five things you should have on your HVAC Spring cleaning list.

Change your air filter(s)

You should be changing your filters at least once every 90 days depending on the type of filters you use. If you have pets and/or people who live in your house with allergies, you may need to change it once a month. The purpose of air filters is to trap particles of dirt and dander so that it does not re-enter your air ducts and escape into your home. Once they get full, the debris blocks the airflow and causes stress on the system.

Clean supply vents and registers

Cleaning your supply vents and registers is an essential part of airflow inside your home. As with anything inside your home, dust and dander collect on the surface and build up over time, causing restricted airflow. Simply vacuuming the vents and returns can help prevent this from happening.

Remove any clutter from indoor and outdoor unit

Weeds, grass and other vegetation should be at least two feet from your outside system (condenser). You should also be sure that nothing is blocking your return(s) inside. Just like us, our HVAC systems need some space to breathe. Having them crowded, blocks airflow and causes them to work harder and less efficiently.

Schedule your Spring maintenance

Having a professional take your AC apart and deep clean all of the components and check all of the parts and hardware for errors, helps protect your system from major repairs or complete system failure. You should have your maintenance completed before the temperatures get too high and more strain is put on the system. If your system has any issues, they can be taken care of before they cause more damage.

Duct sealing and cleaning

The last thing we want is for our precious cold air escaping before it reaches us. If your duct work is not sealed properly, your AC could be working overtime to try and replenish the escaped air. Over time, your duct work can separate or even get torn up by animals. Just like the rest of your system, it can also get dirty and collect unwanted pet hair, dust and more. Indoor Air Quality (AIQ) can have a significant impact on your health. If you have breathing problems or allergies, this can aggravate it. Clean, sealed ducts can help lesson these symptoms. While your professional technician is doing your spring maintenance, have him check your duct work for any leaks or build-up.

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